Created by Wilfred Greatorex

Principally, — says Greatorex, Hine is an arms dealer, but during his wheeler-dealing with foreign Powers he might sell the occasional atomic power station or something in that league. He's a very busy salesman

No-one has been cast for the part yet, but the character the actor will have to play is a self-made man, the right side of 40, who has come infty arms dealing via the Ordnance Corps.

How do you dream up such a series? “Certain things happening in the world fascinate me,” — says Greatorex. “As a writer I was intensely curious about the arms business and wondered how I would feel if I were involved in £100 mullion deals.

Before beginning the day's writing the first half-hour of each of his mornings is spent reading all the City columns, “I play the stock exchange, which apart from being occasionally profitable, is great therapy. But don’t imply I’m rich. It's really only a hobby.”