Ned and Stacey

The wonderful world of Ned and Stacey, is a place of sarcasm, naivety, good friendships, sexual tension and nice suits. It's so wholesome, it even deserved a visit by Olivia Newton-John.

The premise of the show was this; Single ad executive needs a wife to get ahead in the firm. Single girl needs a flat but cannot afford one on her own. The solution was made in sitcom heaven.

The show ran for two seasons but never got the ratings that it deserved. It has now gone into the great syndication run in the sky. Catch it if you can.

Episode Guide


Back in the mid 90s there was not much information about this show on the web, though I have found a few pages by other fans.


Extras include:

  • Audio commentary on the pilot episode by Michael Weithorn, the creator of the show
  • A 20 minute retrospective including all-new interviews with Debra Messing and Thomas Haden Church
  • Bonus previews