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Our readers demand answers to their last century questions. Who are we to deny them answers? These FAQs are genuine questions as logged by our webmonkeys.

What century was Clarice Cliff famous in?

The last one.

Who are the notable musicians?

Ennio Morricone, Ennio Morricone and Ennio Morricone.

What happened to Lisa Langdon from Callan?

We don't know. Her acting career in the UK doesn't seem to have continued beyond the period she was in Callan, perhaps she returned to her home-country of Sweden...

Who is Anna Pasternak?

Read all about Anna Pasternak on our Anna Pasternak page.

Is Michael Nesmith an alien?

We have no reason to think that he is. However, he is well known for being a member of The Monkees, producing the first video album, and backing the film Repo Man all while wearing a woolly hat.

Does Bovril have blood in it?

Bovril is a beef extract and it probably doesn't pay to give too much thought to what they extract from beef. But then we like black pudding.

Is formula milk allowed to be brought into New Zealand?

The formula for milk is a highly guarded commercial secret both inside and outside New Zealand, and even though we know the answer to this question we are not at liberty to say.

how long does formula milk last

2 to 3 hours at the most, but it really depends how many cats you have...

How to serve avocado?

In avocado dishes of course.

Who wrote last century?

We think it might have been Alan Dean Foster because he wrote everything. Although it might also have been Michael Crichton.

Robin Hood Bar in what turtle show?

There is a bar called The Robin in the show Turtle's Progress.

Where to buy avocado dishes?

Well if you were quick enough you could have bought them here. Too late - they're gone now.

Gimmicks used on Stars that play with Sam's dice from Jimi Hendrix?

Sorry. Jimi Hendrix was a musical god. He didn't use gimmicks.

Who was the last hanged man?

Wasn't it Cliff Richard? Oh no. We've misunderstood your question.

How to become a marksman?

Hit the things you're shooting at.

Science of music - why do we like it so much?

Scientists have proven that music acts as a switch, turning on the genes that control good taste. It was originally thought that these genes only remain dormant in a music-free environment. However, retrospective genetic modelling of the 1980s has shown that our good taste genes are immune to some kinds of music.

Bovril contains collagen?

In recent years Bovril has been found with high collagen levels; this is directly attributed to the growing fashion for collagen implants amongst young heifers.

In what year was the last Morris Minor designed?

"The last significant upgrade to the Morris Minor came at the 1962 motor show when it received a 1098CC version of the A series engine" along with other associated upgrades (Presnell, J. (2008) Morris Minor: The Official Photo Album, Haynes Publishing: Yeovil, Somerset, p.155)

How do you cook a sheeps heart?

If I give my heart to you, will you handle it with care? And cook using progressive methods like those in Radiation Cookery.

Which TV star released the album Space Odyssey in 1972?

We're looking into it. At the moment we're tending towards Leonard Nimoy. Here's some entertainment while you're waiting for our final answer:

What is the name of the man of last century?

My name is Daza; my star sign is Virgo and I like Bovril, Enid and the 20th century

What episodes remain from Callan?

Most sources suggest we have the following left:

How old is an aceliner stapler model no. 502?

The basic look of the Aceliner 502 was first patented under patent number 2311412, entitled Feed mechanism for stapling machines awarded to William G. Pankonin of Chicago, IL on February 16, 1943, though the patent includes an unconventional feed mechanism. A more recognizable approach to the feed mechanism is shown in patent number 2832959, entitled Stapling device, which was awarded to Pankonin on May 6, 1958.

Who was the man hung on tv?

Ummm...Cliff Richard?

How to date a Morris Cowley series 2?

Daza says, "cut open the engine and count the piston rings". But Enid says, "book a table for two at a swanky restaurant and don't forget the corsage".

What is the definition of radiation in cookery?

Back in the late 1920s radiation just meant radiant heat.

How long does Bovril last?

Daza's Mum kept jars of the then hard to find in New Zealand true beef Bovril for many many years for fear of running out of it.

Morris Minor: how fast are they?

The Morris Minor was built for comfort not speed. It can safely do the speed limit but it would be unseemly to go any faster.

Is there a DVD for Turtle's Progress?

Can't you read? YES!

Why Ned? Why Stacey?

Hm...the old existential question. Why anyone? We feel the attraction between these two stars of the hit TV sitcom Ned and Stacey was because of their complementary oppositeness: eg. ugly as sin/natural beauty; acerbic pessimism/naive optimism; short blonde hair/dark long hair.

Did Vincent Price play voice on the Twilight Zone episode 'To Serve Man'?

An extensive search of our reference library found no evidence that he did, so that's a no.

Did David Bowie inspired Richard O'Brien?

Hard to know, but we think it is fair to say Glam Rock certainly played a part. You might also be interested to know that Pierre La Roche, who designed the make-up for the Rocky Horror Picture Show previously designed make-up for Bowie.

Do Jillian and Peter get Ned back?

We don't know, but if they're missing him that much they can always buy the first series of Ned and Stacey on DVD.

What gun did David Callan use?

He usually had to use whatever was available at the time, but for one job Callan was ordered to use a Noguchi Magnum; this was the elimination of an arms dealer who was selling this brand of gun to unsavoury groups. Hunter, Callan's boss hoped the irony would not be lost on others thinking of doing the same.

Who wrote The Two Ronnies theme tune "The Detectives"?

Easy! Alan Tew - who also wrote the soundtrack for The Hanged Man.

When were flip clock radios made?

They started making flip clock radios at 8:00am, after the alarm had sounded. This carried on until 10:30am or smoko. Work continued until they broke for lunch at 1:30pm. The day ended around 5:00pm.