Radiation Cookery Book

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Back in the late 1920s radiation just meant radiant heat, not energy in the form of waves or moving subatomic particles emitted by an atom or other body as it changes from a higher energy state to a lower energy state, thus a cook book could proudly promote radiation cookery...

Radiation Cookery BookA Selection of Proved Recipes for Use with Radiation "New World" 'Regulo'-Controlled Gas Cookers.

All the oven recipes in this book have been selected and specially tried for the Radiation "New World" Oven, with "Regulo" automatic heat-controller, Single Oven Burner and direct bottom-flue-outlet.

This unprecedentedly efficient and economical Oven is now incorporated in all the popular cookers made by the six Radiation firms, whose names have been for so long household words. No other ovens can give such splendid results, and no other firms manufacture the cookers.

Cooking on such an oven was an automatic process; watching , or attention, on the part of the user was unnecessary. The same results could be be repeated with certainty from day to day.

The recipes use a limited range of ingredients but are wholesome and are not lacking in imagination...

The Recipes:

Surprise Potatoes

"Regulo" Setting Mark 7
Time 1 Hour

Ingredients -

6 potatoes.
¼ lbs. cooked sausage.


Wash and roast the potatoes, in their skins, for one hour with the "Regulo" at mark 7, placing them on a grid shelf. After roasting, cut the end off each potato, scoop out the centre, fill with cooked sausage, replace the end, and serve.

Baked Heart

"Regulo" Setting Mark 6

Time as given

Ingredients -

1 heart.

Veal or pork stuffing.


Method -

Wash and trim the heart and remove all blood. Cut through the division in the middle of the heart and stuff. Cover with a well-greased paper or leaf and place in a baking tin with a piece of fat.

Bake a sheep's heart for 40 minutes.

Bake a bullock's heart for 2 hours.

German Egg Sauce

Ingredients -

1 egg.
1 dessertspoonful sugar.
¼ pint sherry.
A strip of lemon peel.

Method -

Put all into a basin, the sherry having been slightly warmed. Place the basin over a pan of hot water, whisk briskly 10 minutes or until the sauce has a froth. (Take care it does not get too hot, or it will curdle.) Serve at once.

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