A Magnum for Schneider

Novel based on the pilotThe Armchair Theatre: 'A Magnum for Schneider' play was first televised on 4 February, 1967. On the success of this the ongoing series Callan was commissioned.

The Plot:

Callan is washed up. The most efficient killer in Europe is now working in a dead-end job as a book-keeper for an ungrateful and miserable boss. But circumstances force British intelligence chief 'Charlie' Hunter to re-employ him for one last operation. His target? German businessman Rudolf Schneider, who works in an office opposite Callan. Is the fact that the two men work in such close proximity a mere coincidence? Or is it all an elaborate plan by Hunter? Callan has his suspicions...

Hunter has given Schneider a red file and Callan is all too aware of the significance of this. Cheerful, friendly, affluent Schneider, with his innocent passion for model soldiers, must die.


The pilot is included in Callan - the Monochrome Years and on the This Man Alone documentary; both released by Network UK.

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Callan - The Motion Picture (1974)

A couple of years after the series had finished production a film was made based on the original pilot. Edward Woodward, Russell Hunter, and Clifford Rose returned to reprise their roles.

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Radio Adaption

In 2012 the book was adapted for Radio: James Mitchell - Red File for Callan

In Print

James Mitchell's adaption of his screenplay was reprinted under a variety of of titles, includng A Red file for Callan and Callan.

1969 UK Hardback Herbert Jenkins Ltd
Herbert Jenkins Ltd, London (1969)
1971 UK Paperback
Corgi Books, London (1971)
1974 UK Paperback
Corgi Books, London (1974)
US First Edition Hardcover
Simon & Schuster, US (1971)
US Paperback (1974)
Dell Publishing, New York (March 1974)
A Magnum for Schneider 2013
Ostara Publishing, UK (2013)
No Cover scan
Ulverscroft Large Print Books Ltd, Anstey (Dec 2014)
In 2014 Magna Story Sound released an unabridged audiobook of the novel, read by Daniel Coonan.

Audio (unabridged) - 1 MP3-CD
ISBN: 9780857148445
Published - 01-08-2014
Price - £35.50

Audio (unabridged) - 6 CDs
ISBN: 9780857148438
Published - 01-08-2014
Price - £35.50

Audio Download - Only available to subscribers
ISBN: 9780857148476
Published - 01-08-2014
Genre - Mystery
Price - £31.50