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James Mitchell circa 1967James Mitchell was born in South Shields, County Durham, in 1926, and educated at King's College, Newcastle, and St Edmund Hall, Oxford. He had a number of jobs including shipyard worker, actor, teacher, journalist and travel courier. Under the pseudonym of James Munro he wrote four highly successful thrillers, which have been translated into eight languages. One of them, Innocent Bystanders, was filmed starring Stanley Baker and Geraldine Chaplin. He has also written several other novels, including the Callan series.

Mr James Mitchell, BA; MA; Dip.ed - Bibliography

By Sarah

Born South Shields, County Durham, UK (North-East England)
Birth Date 12 March, 1926
Worked as Repertory Theatre actor, shipyard worker, travel courier, civil servant, teacher, journalist, lecturer, writer.

Books written under the name James Munro:

The Man Who Sold Death (first Hammond, Hammond edition: 1964; Corgi edition: 1966, Great Britain)
Die Rich, Die Happy (Hammond, Hammond edition: 1965; Corgi edition: 1967, Great Britain)
The Money That Money Can't Buy (Hammond, Hammond edition: 1967; Corgi edition 1969, Great Britain)
The Innocent Bystanders (Herbert Jenkins edition: 1969; Corgi edition: 1970 Great Britain; Ace Charter edition 1982, USA & Canada)

Books writter under the name Patrick O. McGuire

A Time for Murder (1955)
Fiesta for Murder (1962)

Titles under the name James Mitchell:

Here's a Villain (Peter Davies: 1957, Great Britain) also published under the title: The Lady is Waiting (William Morrow & Co New York, USA, 1958)
A Way Back (Peter Davies: 1959)
Steady Boys, Steady (Peter Davies 1960)
Soldier in the Snow (Faber & Faber: 1961)
Among Arabian Sands (Peter Davies: 1963)
Ilion Like a Mist AKA Venus in Plastic(Cassell & Company Ltd, London, 1969; Corgi Books, London, 1970)
Callan (Barrie & Jenkins edition: 1969; first Corgi edition: 1971; Corgi edition reissued 1974, Great Britain) - Originally published under the title: Red File for Callan, and under the title: A Magnum for Schneider.
The Winners (Cassell & Co edition: 1970; Corgi edition: 1972, Great Britain)
Russian Roulette (Hamish Hamilton Ltd edition: 1973; Corgi Edition: 1975, Great Britain)
Death and Bright Water (Hamish Hamilton Ltd edition: 1974; Corgi edition: 1976, Great Britain)
Smear Job (Hamish Hamilton Ltd edition: 1975; Corgi edition: 1977, Great Britain. G. P. Putnam's Sons edition, USA)
When the Boat Comes In (Hamish Hamilton and Sphere books Ltd edition: 1976; Sphere edition reprinted: 1976, Great Britain)
The Hungry Years (When the Boat Comes In Book 2) (Hamish Hamilton edition: 1976; Corgi edition: 1976)
Upwards and Onwards (When the Boat Comes In Book 3) (1977)
Goodbye Darling (Hamish Hamilton Ltd, 1980; Sphere, 1980)
The Evil Ones (1982)
Sometimes You Could Die (Hamish Hamilton edition: 1985; Grafton Books edition: 1987, Great Britain)
Dead Ernest (Hamish Hamilton edition: 1986; Grafton Books edition: 1987, Great Britain)
KGB Kill (Hamish Hamilton edition: 1987, Great Britain)
Dying Day (Hamish Hamilton edition: 1988, Great Britain)
A Woman To Be Loved (Sinclair-Stevenson Ltd edition: 1990; Headline Book Publishing Plc edition: 1991, Great Britain)
An Impossible Woman (Sinclair-Stevenson edition: 1992; Headline Book Publishing Plc edition: 1992)
Leading Lady (Sinclair-Stevenson edition: 1993, Great Britain)
So Far From Home (Headline: 1995)
Indian Summer (Headline: 1996)
Dancing For Joy (Headline: 1997)
Bonfire Night (Severn House Publishers Ltd: 2002)

Books/stories translated into TV or film:

Screen-plays; theatre play; more than a hundred television scripts, including:
Episodes for The Troubleshooters, The Avengers, Justice, Mogul and Callan
Note: Information used in this web site came from: Own sources; various book sleeves; The Author's & Writer's Who's Who 1972; Who's Who 2001.

A message from the author of this bibliography, which I've taken the liberty of hosting here as her site seems to have disappeared:

This is a first draft. More interesting additions are planned (eg: book plots). To my knowledge, this is the first web site providing (hopefully) accurate information on author James Mitchell, and dedicated solely to him. My reasons for setting it up are personal, but suffice it to say, I'd like to honour this man, who has influenced my life in such a big way, for the last 27 years...

Thanks, Mr Mitchell.
Yours always in affectionate respect,
Sarah, from Australia.
September, 2001.

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