A Way Back

Peter Davies: 1959, William Morrow 1960 New York

By James Mitchell.

They had to hunt him down and there was no escape

For seven long years he had lived with the dreadful secret from his past. Until, at last, he thought he had shaken off its horror... shut himself awat from the nightmar.. and escaped Them. But slowley, remorselessly, his fate was catching up with him. They had found him...and were hunting him down...

These scene was set for a terrifying, relentless war of nerves-and for ultimate tragedy.

Televised as A Flight from Treason (10 July 1960, Armchair Mystery Theatre: Season 1, Episode 6) it concerns a man with a Communist past who tries to bury himself in a Tyneside foundry, but is discovered and blackmailed by his former comrades into helping them to steal the blueprints of a new bomb he is making.

Episode Cast

Donald Pleasence - Himself/Host
John Gregson - Butler
Robert Brown - George Hibberd
Ian Hendry - Harry Walker
Roger Delgado - Curt
Robert Bruce - Security policeman
Reginald Jessup - Workman
Richard Klee - Foreman
Avril Elgar - Mary Hibberd
Donald Churchill - Robinson
Tom Macaulay - Ferguson
Peter Mayock - Police Constable
John Dawson - Detective Bell
Maxwell Shaw - The thin man
Catherine Dolan - Hotel receptionist

Directed by Dennis Vance

Writer: James Mitchell

Leonard White -. Producer

Production Design by Jim Goddard (as James Goddard)

The Omega Mystery

Butler and Robinson, the unconventional spycatchers first seen in 1960's Armchair Theatre drama Flight from Treason, returned to track down a saboteur at a nuclear research station.

Starring John Gregson, Donald Churchill, Stanley Meadows, David Spenser, Frank Gatliff, Miranda Connell and Patrick McAlinney

Written by James Mitchell
Directed by Guy Verney
Original ITV Transmission 10 September 1961