The Money That Money Can't Buy

First published in 1967 under James Mitchell's pen-name James Munro.

A new assignment for John Craig the special agent who rocketed his creator to international fame,

Simmons owned newspapers and Brodski owned a strip club. What they had in common was money and a hatred for the Russians. They, and others, used their money to express that hate - and they accepted help from wherever they could get it - - including Red China. And the Russians didn't like that.

The situation was explosive. At any moment, Simmons and Brodski and their sympathisers could precipitate a holocaust, making the cold war hot. So they had to be stopped.

It was a job for Department K - that special branch of British Intelligence which handled assignments too dangerous and too dirty for anyone else. And Department K elected an expert - John Craig - to be judge, jury and executioner.

The Author

James Munro lives in London, though he has spent most of his life in County Durham. After graduating at Oxford he held a variety of jobs before he settled down to teaching, his last teaching appointment being lecturer in Liberal Studies at Sunderland College of Art, and. finally, writing.

He achieved quick success with Die Rich, Die Happy and The Man Who Sold Death, which were acclaimed by both the critics and the public. He is also well known under the name of James Mitchell, as a television playwright and script writer. He wrote a number of episodes for The Avengers and Mogul series and several of his own plays have been televised.

1967 Hammond (UK)

196? Bantam (US)

196? Bantam (US) verso

1968 Basak Yayinevi (Turkey)

1969 Corgi (UK)

1981 Charter (US)