Among Arabian Sands

Peter Davies: 1963

Among Arabian SandsBy James Mitchell

Henry Pooley. Forty; former captain In a line regiment; M.A. (Oxon) and M.Ed. (Birmingham). Married; three children. Adores his wife and children. Once slept with a Calabrian widow, though, in ex-change for a pair of boots. He's a lecturer, now, at a technical college In the Midlands.

Well, he's much more than just a lecturer, now. So much happens when he takes the job of tutor to Achmed, Crown Prince of an Arabian oil kingdom. With the job comes a new house, a luxury car and a cheque for twenty-five thousand pounds; oh, and diamonds for Pooley's wife Rose. She was beautiful to start with, and now she looks lovelier every day. Furs suit her. So does falling in love.

Extremist Arab agents are out to kill Prince Achmed, and they mean to get Pooley too. He's not as concerned about that as he is about losing Rose. The Prince has 'a way with women', a charm, a beauty, a way of weeping and all that money.

But — give back the house, the car, the money? Risk Rose going too?

Poor Pooley. Radiant Rose...

Based on just the cover Daza had assumed the plot involved a millionaire playboy who falls in love with his lawyer and has to decide between his collection of classic cars and her, due to her morbid fear of chrome...