Dancing for Joy

Headline: 1996; Charnwood: 1997.

By James Mitchell.

Elena Menendez is the exquisite, intelligent and enigmatic daughter of a beautiful Spanish dancer. Her darkly exotic looks have won her many English suitors but during World War I countless lives are lost and Elena finds herself thrice widowed by the time the war is over - the magic time when no one is killed and there is always a party.

When she meets Millicent Blenkinsop, a solicitor's clerk whom she appoints as her legal advisor, Milliccnt quickly fends off a claim on her inheritance. In gratitude, Elena teaches Millicent how to dance. What begins as a spot of fun turns into a sensational flamenco act that takes London society by storm. Hailed as the most elegant dancers of the decade, these courageous, determined and somewhat unconventional young women attract a string of handsome admirers. Their journey to happiness will fill you with delight!