Far Stars and Future Times Novels

This series of science fiction adventure novels are a exciting read in which author Richard S McEnroe created scenes that have stuck in the mind of this reader for years. Shame the series stopped after only three novels.

The Shattered Stars (1983)

They were three loners flung together by blind chance, pawns in a deadly interstellar game they were meant to lose.

Moses Callahan: Captain of the tramp starship ''Wild Goose'', last of a dying bread of independents, always a half-parsec away from bankruptcy. Carrying a cargo that could destroy a world.

Mitsuko "Spooky" Tamura: First mate, engineer and crew of the ''Wild Goose'' A telepath fleeing the deafening babble of humanity in the vast stillness of space. Learning the killing power of her unwanted talent.

Decon Hallorhan: Pilot of the ''Wild Goose''. A supersoldier, a precision killing machine cashiered and conditioned into docility, haunted by the memory of battle. A human time bomb waiting to explode.

Together they challenge the most powerful forces in the galaxy to preserve their freedom.

Flight of Honor (1984)

They Bartered their freedom in the struggle to control the stars:

Ain Ceiragh: a fierce, proud warrior from the high gravity world of gal-adhe' driven by his rigid code of ethics to seek his fortune among the stars Forced by a pledge of honor to betray his heritage

Dani uen: a deadly assassin moved by expediency to use Ain's inhuman strength for her own ends. Bound to him by ties her masters could not understood.

Cian Canbhei: a young ''gal-adhene'' following Ain's tragic path among the myriad worlds of the Consortium. He would be the key to redeeming Oin's honor - or the means of his destruction.

Each would learn the bitter price of honor.

Skinner (1985)

A Skinners life is pure hell.

Hunting dragonhides on Trollshulm is a losing game. The odds of surviving to buy back your freedom range from slim to nil. Most skinners end up burned out, broken, or dead.

Chavez Blackstone was different. The spark that burned in him was so strong, nothing could snuff it out-not even Eli Santer, Trollshulm's absolute ruler. With a tough star-captain and an exotic beauty, Chavez defied the odds to challenge Santer's power.