Die Rich, Die Happy

First published in 1965 under James Mitchell's pen-name James Munro.

When Department K of M.I.6. sent for John Craig, he knew what to expect - trouble. For Dept. K, that small, highly selective unit in Intelligence, only handled jobs too dangerous - or dirty - to be done by someone else.

Craig's new assignment was to guard a Greek millionaire whose life was endangered by his interests in Middle East oil.

Craig knew the job would be sticky, but how sticky he soon found out when he had contend with -

  • Naxos, the Greek millionaire who did his best to be murdered
  • Phillipa, Naxos's beautiful, Hollywood starlet wife, struggling with a dop-cure.
  • A spy whom even the Reds could not handle
  • Selina, the Arab princess - a very beautiful woman, but a problem Craig hard to solve.
  • and, towing over all, an enormous renegade Englishman with death in each hand, and an ice-cold, calculating brain.

Exceptionally fast-moving and breathlessly exciting, Die Rich, Die Happy is set in England, Venice, and the Greek Islands

From the paperback: Oil is a sensitive commodity for Western governments so when problems arise for a rich man who can deliver the oil rights Department K is quick to send in someone they can easily disavow. Craig already knows he can't trust anyone in the Department but soon finds he really can't trust anyone at all. When the stakes are high enough everyone acts in their own interest.

1965 Hammond (UK)

1966 Basak Yayinevi (Turkey)

1966 Knopf (US)

1966 knopf (US) verso

1967 Bantam (US)

1967 Corgi (UK)

1974 Bantam (UK)

1980 Charter (US)