Edmund Ward

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  • Born: 23 February 1928, Nottingham, England, UK
  • Died: 12 July 1993, Dublin, Ireland

According to biographies in his novels he was born 1928 in Nottingham. Received the now fashionable (in 1958) public-library education combined with Henry Mellish Grammar School and London School of Printing. Left home early and held down the usual book-jacket assortment of jobs,proving nothing more than the unselective nature of the post-war employment market. Auditor, bartender, collector of bad debts, cook, street-vendor, racecourse caterer, assembly hand, security guard, steelworker, translator, farm labourer, teacher and public relations. Happily settled as technical journalist by 1958.

Lived and worked abroad for three years in Scandinavia, France, Spain and North Africa, travelling the longest way round between jobs. Married in 1952 to Huguette Clavreul, a Parisienne. Domiciled in London and not angry at the time of his first novel's publication.

He wrote novels, articles and short stories as well as many plays and series for television.

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