Amsterdam Affair

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Amsterdam Affair PosterThis film from 1968 featured the character Van der Valk - a policeman in Amsterdam.

If you had met Elsa, you would have understood what I mean.

But Elsa de Charmoys is dead, and police inspector Van der Valk arrests the writer Martin Rey for the murder. Because he once had a relationship with the dead woman — like so many others. It turns out that Elsa de Charmoy wasn't just a beautiful woman—she had a power over men that drove them to the brink of madness. And finally murder.

Martin Rey is confronted with one damning piece of evidence after another. The public prosecutor wants him sentenced as quickly as possible, his own wife doubts him - and the hope of being acquitted is fading little by little during the excruciatingly painstaking investigation. Van der Valk leaves him no chance either - especially after he has pressured Martin to confess that he met Elsa just before she died.

But the homicide detective Van der Valk does not go out of his way for unconventional ways to catch the killer. It is his macabre curiosity that ultimately saves Martin from spending the rest of his life behind bars..

In director Gerry O'Hara's film we see German actor Wolfgang Kieling starring as Van der Valk, investigating the murder, alongside William Marlowe, Catherine Von Schell, Palmela Ann Davy, and Peter Burton.

The screenplay was by Edmund Ward.

While this was released on VHS there doesn't seem to have had a DVD release, though naughty folk do sell bootlegs.

Someone chats to Van der Valk (Wolfgang Kieling)

Does Martin Ray (William Marlow) look like the sort of chap who would kill his mistress?