Espion, lève-toi

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card AKA Der Maulwurf (literally "The mole") in Germany, Alzati spia in Italy, Spy, get up in Spain, and Probuď se, špione.

Sébastien Grenier, a former spy, runs a company in Zurich. After a series of terrorist attacks, Sébastien is contacted by a senior Swiss official, Jean-Paul Chance. Shortly after the death of his two dearest friends spures Sébastien to resume his spy activities and try and find out who is behind the plot.

Based on the book Chance Awakening by George Markstein, directed by Yves Boisset.


Lino Ventura - Sébastien Grenier
Michel Piccoli - Jean-Paul Chance
Bruno Cremer - Alain Richard
Bernard Fresson - Henri Marchand
Marc Mazza - Ramos Bavila
Roger Jendly - Le commissaire Lohmann
Heinz Bennent - Meyer
Krystyna Janda - Anna Gretz, compagne de Sébastien Grenier
Beate Kopp - La secrétaire de Grenier
Christian Baltauss - Le bibliothécaire
Kurt Bigger - Alfred Zimmer
Jean-Paul Franky - Rudy la blonde
Yves Boisset - L'adjoint de Richard
Daniel Plancherel - L'inspecteur Vogel
Philippe Brizard - Le collaborateur de Grenier


The soundtrack by Ennio Morricone has been released on vinyl, cassette, cd and might even be on some streaming services.

It has been released on VHS, DVD, and in 2023 on Blue-ray.

French films, we love them n'est-ce pas?