The Power (1968)

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descriptionWho has The Power? The Power to control minds, move objects, and murder by telekinesis? George Hamilton and his fello scientist at a space lab want to know when they realize they are being targeted by one of their own - someone who possesses a superhuman power and a terrifying secret agenda.

Daza encountered this as a mid-day offering on TV during the school holidays and was intrigued; Miklos Rozsa's score makes an impression right from the opening credits when we see the cimbalom being played for no other reason than the combolom is dead cool.

As the story unfolds there was Geoge Hamilton, famous as far as Daza knew for living in Hollywood and having a permanent tan, actually doing some real acting as he is chased down by an unknown foe. The plot is reasonably engrossing, and is aided by some great creepy special effects sequences where inanimate objects start to single George's character out.

A mix of Scanners and Land of the Giants this movie seems to have been confined to random tv screeneings until it got a Warner Brothers Archives DVD release in 2010.


George Hamilton, Miiko Taka, Vaughn Taylor, Kenner G. Kemp, , Richard Carlson, Suzanne Pleshette, Gary Merrill, John Gay, Arthur O'Connell, Barbara Nichols, Celia Lovsky, Lawrence Montaigne, Michael Rennie, Ken Murray, Arthur Tovey, Yvonne De Carlo, Earl Holliman, Beverly Powers, Nehemiah Persoff, Frank M. Robinson, Aldo Ray

Metro Goldwyn Mayer presents a George Pal production
Directed by Byron Haskin
Based on a novel by Frank M. Robinson

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