Runaway (1984)

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runaway_posterIn the high-tech society of a not-too-distant future, robots have been created to serve mankind but what happens if something goes wrong?

Tom Selleck plays Sergeant Jack Ramsay, the police department's answer to these marauding mechanical devices. He may be an expert at dealing with domestic robots with shorted power supplies, but when a series of runaway incidents starts to form a sinister and deadly pattern, Ramsay begins to realise that a criminal mastermind - played by Gene Simmons, late of the rock band Kiss is behind the "accidents".

With effects sequences that would do justice to a James Bond film, Runaway is an action-packed thrill-ride of a movie: smart bullets hurtle along crowded streets to find their pre-programmed targets, a plague of deadly acid-spewing mechanical spiders relentlessly hunts their prey - and all the time the criminals are using electronic surveillance technology to stay one step ahead of the police. So just remember, if there's anything electronic In sight, the chances are that It's not as harmless as it looks...

Runaway's , has an impressive back-ground in science fiction, having written several blockbuster novels -including a minor hit called Jurassic Park and the screenplays for other notable SF milestones such as The Andromeda Strain, Westworld (which he also directed) and Congo. He is also the creative force behind the popular US TV medical drama E.R.

Writer/director, Michael Crichton
Tom Selleck as Sergeant Jack R. Ramsay
Cynthia Rhodes as Officer Karen Thompson
Gene Simmons as Dr. Charles Luther
Kirstie Alley as Jackie Rogers
Stan Shaw as Sergeant Marvin James
G.W. Bailey as Chief of Police
Joey Cramer as Bobby Ramsay
Chris Mulkey as David Johnson
Sullivan Walker as K.C.
Anne-Marie Martin as Hooker At Bar
Michael Paul Chan as Wilson, Vectrocon Security Guard
Babz Chula as Construction Foreperson
Marilyn Schreffler as Voice of Lois
Elizabeth Norment as Miss Shields
Carol Teesdale as Sally
Paul Batten as Harry
Betty Phillips as Linda
Stephen Thorne as Tommy
Stephen E. Miller as Rudy
Cec Verrell as Hooker
Amber Borycki as Baby (uncredited)