Callan - The Ultimate Collection DVD

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dvd_aust_ultimate_dvd.jpg - 131.4 KBIn 2011 Network listed but never released a compelete boxset for Callan, now 10 years later the Australian firm Madman has announced that in conjunction with Via Vision they will be releasing a similar product - Callan: The Ultimate Collection - on 16 December, 2021. This looks like the perfect set for folks coming to the show for the first time, and the new audio commentaries, recovered soundtrack, and archival images might even tempt those of us with the earlier dvd releases...

The details

Edward Woodward gives an electrifying performance as a reluctant professional killer working for British Intelligence. Callan became a national phenomenon in the late 1960s, making Woodward one of the highest profile actors on television and paving the way to his eventual career in America on shows like The Equalizer.

Created by James Mitchell (When the Boat Comes In) and exploring the dingy, twilight world of the professional spy, Callan was the antithesis of James Bond (back in the days of Connery and Moore) and presented, until that point, television's most realistic portrayal of government espionage.

This Ultimate Collection contains the original Armchair Theatre pilot play - 'A Magnum for Schneider', all surviving episodes from Series 1 and 2, all episodes from Series 3 & 4 in the intended running order, the 1974 'Callan' feature film, and the 1981 television film Wet Job, which brought the saga to an end.

dvd_aust_ultimate_dvd.jpg - 131.4 KBAlso included is the feature-length documentary 'This Man Alone', 2 Audio Commentaries with Edward Woodward, both the re-edited and complete recordng block versions of episode 'The Worst Soldier I Ever Saw', the 1971 television special 'The Edward Woodward Hour', new Audio Commentaries by Robert Fairclough and Mike Kenwood - authors of the 'The Callan File: The Definitive Guide', and more...

Special Features

  • Feature-length documentary 'This Man Alone' plus bonus unused interview material
  • Armchair Theatre pilot play 'A Magnum For Schneider' in a new transfer
  • The 1974 'Callan' feature film
  • Audio Commentaries with Edward Woodward on 'If He Can, So Can I' and 'Call Me Enemy'
  • NEW Audio Commentaries by Robert Fairclough and Mike Kenwood - authors of the 'The Callan File: The Definitive Guide' on Armchair Theatre: Magnum for Schneider' and 'The Some Trick Twice'
  • Complete recordng block version of the episode 'The Worst Soldier I Ever Saw'
  • Episode Trailer for 'Let's Kill Everybody'
  • 1971 television special 'The Edward Woodward Hour'
  • Extensive Image Galleries and DVD-ROM PDF archive
  • 'The Callan Audio Archive' over 90 minutes of rare interviews with cast and crew
  • The recovered complete audio track from the missing episode 'Once a Big Man, Always a Big man' - never before released.
  • 3 short recovered censor clips from the missing episodes 'Goodbye Nobby Clarke' and 'Goodness Burns Too Bright'
  • Continuity Announcement from 1974 Repeat Broadcast
  • James Mitchell: A World of My Own/Flashback - 1969 profile of Callan creator James Mitchell (semi-mute audio)
  • Extensive image and Memorabilia galleries
  • 'The Callan Paperwork Archive' featuring scripts for every episode and more (PDF DVD-ROM content) including the whole Reginald Collin Archive that was donated to Kaleidoscope in 2019, and the original script to Death of a Hunter containing scenes not filmed.
Release Date:16/12/2021
Audio tracks:Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Number of Discs:14
Runtime:1876.0 mins
Format:DVD, PAL
Aspect Ratio:4:3 Original Aspect Ratio
Catalogue Number:VVE2850

Order from Madman Entertainment

Front cover of dvdThe VVE2850-c 3 DVD case in the set contains.

1974 Film

Disgraced former secret service agent David Callan is given an opportunity to redeem himself with one more liquidation. His assignment is to kill a businessman responsible for a number of bombings and gun running, but not everythin goes according to plan.

Special Features

  • Video interview with Edward Woodward (2000)
  • The Callan Audio Archive - over 90 minutes of rare audio interviews featuring actors Edward Woodward, Derek Bond, Willian Squire, Clifford Rose, Lisa Langdon, series creator James Mitchell, series producer Reginald Collin and Director Shaun O'Riordon.

1981 Television Play Wet Job

Scripted by series creator/writer James Mitchell, this single play saw the reluctant killer pressed into service one last time. Recruiting Callan (Edward Woodward) and his malodorous sidekick, lonely (Russell Hunter), the play also stars George Sewell, Hugh Walters and Angela Browne.

2015 Documentary This Man Alone

Callan grew from a cult favourite into one of Britain's most popular shows, featuring a remarkable portrayal by Edward Woodward. This feature-length documentary tells the story of the series' creation and development, its success on television and extended life in films and books.

Special Feature

  • Nearly hall-an-hour of unused interviews.

DVD back cover

Release Date:Unknown
Number of Discs:3
Catalogue Number:VVE2850-c