Callan - Series Three

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This series of Callan was originally Broadcast in 1970.


Where Else Could I Go? (8 Apr 1970)
They say: "When you've got to go, you've got to go" but in Callan's case, having almost been there-can he come back? After five months in the hospital recuperating from near-fatal gunshot wounds, Callan returns to his section to find the upstart Cross after his position. Under the doubting eye of his superior, the agent must prove that he still has the will to kill.
Script Editor: George Markstein
Director: James Goddard
Designer: Mike Hall
Writer: James Mitchell
Producer: Reginald Collin
Cast: Judd: Harry Towb, , Hunter: William Squire , Henshaw: Gary Watson , Det. Sgt. Wheeler: Richard McNeff , Blind Man: Frederick Schrecker , Cross: Patrick Mower , Lonely's auntie: Queenie Watts , Prison officer: John Baldwin , Hunter's secretary: Lisa Langdon , Lonely: Russell Hunter , Snell: Clifford Rose , Merry: Alan Cullen , Callan: Edward Woodward , Nurse: Mona Hammond , Wellington: Dave Prowse , Dodds: Denis Thorpe

Summoned to Appear (15 Apr 1970)
When Callan and Cross's tail on a Polish operative goes horribly wrong and an innocent bystander dies, Callan must testify at the inquest. His dilemma: perjure himself or implicate his fellow agent and expose the Section.
Script Editor: George Markstein
Director: Voytek
Producer: Reginald Collin
Designer: David Marshall
Writer: Trevor Preston
Cast: Hunter: William Squire , Mr. Karas: George Pravda , Mr. Lorrimer: Edward Caddick , Mr. Leach: Edward Burnham , Callan: Edward Woodward , Inspector Kyle: Norman Henry , Cross: Patrick Mower , Constable: Charles Pemberton , Porters: Warren Clarke, Donegal , Sergeant: Michael Martin , Mrs. Kent: Rhoda Lewis , Lonely: Russell Hunter , Girls on bus: Lesley Daine, Cheryl Hall , Palanka: Sylvester Morand , Mrs. Karas: Hana-Maria Pravda , Mr. Arlen: Henry Manning , Mrs. Arlen: Sylvia Burrows

The Same Trick Twice (22 Apr 1970)
Surtees, a British agent recently returned in a prisoner exchange, threatens to publish an explosive tell-all account of his activities, complete with scandalous details. Suspecting that the KGB has turned Surtees, Hunter orders Callan to stop him.
Director: Peter Duguid
Script Editor: George Markstein
Producer: Reginald Collin
Designer: David Marshall
Cast: Surtees: Richard Hurndall , Hunter: William Squire , German Captain: Andrew Sachs , Callan: Edward Woodward , Freddy: Harold Innocent , Mallory: Patrick O'Connell , Cross: Patrick Mower , Jean Price: Trisha Noble , Lonely: Russell Hunter , Bishop: Geoffrey Charter

A Village Called 'G' (29 Apr 1970)
The entire section goes on red alert when Liz, Hunter's ever-punctual secretary, fails to show up for work. Trying to trace her, Callan begins to suspect that Liz's disappearance involves not an enemy from the present, but a ghost from her past.
Script Editor: George Markstein
Writer: James Mitchell
Producer: Reginald Collin
Director: Mike Vardy
Designer: Stan Woodward
Cast: Judd: Harry Towb , Berman: Marne Maitland , Hunter: William Squire , Archivist: Michael Hall , The Groper: Graham Crowden , Hotel Clerk: Lewis Wilson , Callan: Edward Woodward , Sabovski: Joseph Furst , Cross: Patrick Mower , Arnold: George Innes , Liz: Lisa Langdon , Lonely: Russell Hunter , Secretary: Billie Hammerberg

Suddenly - At Home (?)
Lady Janet Lewis - the beautiful widow of an ex-foreign secretary - accepts a TV producer's lucrative offer for an interview about her husband. Suspicious of the producer's intentions, Hunter assigns Callan to stop her, but the assignment gets personal.
Producer: Reginald Collin
Director: Piers Haggard

Act of Kindness (?)
When Heathcote Land receives incriminating photos of his company's sales manager in bed with a mistress, Callan tries to persuade him not to expose the man. But Land knows too well how such games are played.
Designer: Fred Pusey.
Editor: George Markstein.
Producer: Reginald Collin.
Director: Mike Vardy.
Writer: Michael Winder.
Cast: Hunter: William Squire. , Cross: Patrick Mower , Donovan Prescott: Ray Smith , Hunter's secretary: Lisa Langdon , Lonely: Russell Hunter , Janice Land: Jacqueline Maude , Mrs. Briggs: Nicolette McKenzie , Heathcote Land: Anthony Nicolls , Callan: Edward Woodwood , Shop assistant: Peter Benton , Master Briggs: Mark Jay

God Help Your Friends (3 Jun 1970)
Callan must break up the engagement between a lovely NATO interpreter with a grade-A security clearance and a man suspected of serving as a KGB informant. Does the woman's fiance really love her? Or does he love Moscow more?
Director: Peter Duguid
Script Editor: George Markstein
Producer: Reginald Collin
Designer: Neville Green
Writer: William Emms
Cast: Hunter: William Squire , D.I.5 man: John Quarmby , Mr. Robinson: Edward Harvey , Callan: Edward Woodward , Jeanette Valden: Rachel Herbert , Cross: Patrick Mower , Mark Tedder: Michael Jayston , Lonely: Russell Hunter , Messenger: Clyde Pollitt , Beth Lampton: Stephanie Beacham , Senor Andarez: Oliver Cotton

Breakout (?)
By surrendering to the police, wily KGB operative Nikolai Lubin seeks safety in a British prison, out of reach of Hunter and the Section's interrogators. Hunter, however, has other plans - engineering Lubin's "escape" under the guise of a KGB operation.
Producer: Reginald Collin

Amos Green Must Live (?)
When a visiting black activist turns up dead, a clue at the scene suggests that controversial anti-immigration politician Amos Green will be the assassin's next target. While Cross covers Green, Callan seeks the killer.
Script Editor: George Markstein
Director: James Goddard
Producer: Reginald Collin
Designer: Peter Le Page
Cast: Hunter: William Squire , Taxi driver: Frank Coda , May Coswood: Annette Crosbie , Cross: Patrick Mower , Anna: Nina Baden Semper , Amos Green: Corin Redgrave , Hunter's secretary: Lisa Langdon , Lonely: Russell Hunter , Rutter: Al Garcia , Shop assistant: Elaine Garreau , Callan: Edward Woodward , Casey: Stefan Kalipha , Philip Rowland: Lee Donald , Gray: Michael Quinto


This series has had several releases:

  • Region 1: Set 1 by Acron (US)
  • Region 2:
    • The Clearvision (UK) set which listed this as series one for some reason (out of print).
    • on Network DVD's colour years set alongside series 4 (UK)
  • Region 4: as Series 3 by Umbrella Entertainment (Australia)

There was much discussion regarding which dvd set to buy for season 3, with the clearvision set heavily criticised for the editing of ad breaks and resizing of image to get rid of channel indents at the edges of the image just after these breaks. This is the set Daza had and while the distortion before and after the ad break is noticeable it wasn't annoying enough to make him want to replace it until the Ultimate Collection came along. This review from a fan has a full comparison.

Acorn used to offer the series for digital download but this seems to be nolonger available.

Two episodes on VHS Series 3 DVD cover for UK Set Series 3 pt one DVD cover for UK Set Series 3 pt two DVD cover for UK Set
Series 3 pt three DVD cover for UK Set Series 3 DVD cover for Australian set Series 3 DVD cover for US set The colour years

International Dubbing

The series was dubbed into Spanish at the K.2000 studio in 1988

Callan - Luis Gaspar
Lonely - Kepa Cueto
Huntet - Suso Diaz