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    This classic and much appricated soundtrack has been released several times over the years since it's origins as library music in the early 70s:

    The music for the show, composed by Alan Tew and performed by the session band Bullet was originally conceived as library music and issued on two very rare Themes International LPs - 'Drama Suite Part I' and 'Drama Suite-Part II'.

    In 1975 the album of incidental music used on Yorkshire television's thriller series The Hanged Man was released as a soundtrack on Contour records.

    There were also some 7in singles of the tracks Hanged Man/The Contract Man released in the UK and Italy:

    Following its original release The Hanged Man become a highly collectable album within the break beat/hip hop field, sampled by the likes of Jurassic 5, the Street SmartZ and DJ Vadim amongst others, as it featured superb selection of beautifully orchestrated jazz, funk and rock fusions.

    A visitor to the site let us know that they bought an LP copy of the soundtrack for $15 in the which he was told was an original pressing, but further investigation has turned up that it is in fact a bootleg. A collector did them under the company name Scorpio Music, and had a reputation for top quality repressings, although they are not indistinguishable from an original lp. The copy was described as an exact replica of the original pressing down to the printed dates and release #. Things that gave it away were that it was dead mint, clean w/ extra glossy finish on the cardboard (also the inside of the jacket is white where most older lps are greyish/brown.) the contour logo on the actual vinyl also looks like a photo reproduction

    In 1998 the album saw its full reissue on DC Recordings, becoming available on cd for the first time along side a vinyl edition.

    [DC15CD / DC15LP]

    $16.00 CD / $12.00 LP

    Track Listing: Contract Man - G.B.H. - Road Runner - The Heist - Duluth Blues - The Spic - Hanged Man - Blue Panther - Killer Hill - Smokey Joe the Dreamer - Gentle in the Night - The Peterman - Funky Bear - Hanged Man.

    At the same time they released DC12 Bullet - The Hanged Man Rehung (remixes) (12")

    In 2011 Dutton Vocalion reissued the music on a CD comprising the complete 'Hanged Man' score plus 24 additional cues from the 'Drama Suite' albums, as well as a compilation of some titles in the Themes International catalogue...

    Remastered from the original stereo tapes. the Hanged Man Music from the TV Series (1975) (Alan Tew)

    1. The Rub [Contract Man]
    2. Helicop [G.B.H. ]
    3. Money Runner [Road Runner]
    4. The Big One [The Heist]
    5. Final Statement [Duluth Blues]
    6. Surveillance [The Spic]
    7. The Detectives (long version) [Hanged Man]
    8. The Detectives link 2c
    9. White Elephant Walk [Blue Panther]
    10. Walking link 11: Master Plan [Killer Hill]
    11. Eyes [Smokey Joe the Dreamer]
    12. The Detectives (interlude)
    13. The Build Up [Gentle in the Night]
    14. Night Watch
    15. The Fence (version b) [The Peterman]
    16. Total Silence [Funky Bear]
    17. The Detectives (slow version) [Hanged Man]

    Drama Suite Parts I & II - Additional Cues (Alan Tew)

    1. The Detectives link 5b
    2. The Detectives link 7b
    3. Headlights
    4. The Burn
    5. The Fence (version a)
    6. Scenechange 7
    7. Drama Backcloth 2
    8. Drama Backcloth 3
    9. Big One Prelude
    10. Scenechange 9
    11. The Detectives link 4c
    12. Scenechange 2b
    13. Scenechange 2c
    14. Scenechange 3b
    15. Drama Backcloth 1a
    16. The Detectives link 2b
    17. Scenechange 1
    18. The Prowler
    19. Scenechange 5
    20. The Detectives link 6b
    21. Snout
    22. The Detectives (short version)

    Themes International Compilation (1973-76)

    1. Stake Out (Alan Parker)
    2. Monza Straight (Alan Parker)
    3. Car Patrol - title sequence (James Clarke)
    4. The Heister (Alan Parker)
    5. Waiting Game (James Clarke)
    6. Mystery Movement (James Clarke)
    7. Safety Zone (Alan Hawkshaw)

    Other appearances

    Tunes composed by Alan Tew for The Hanged Man were also used under the name The Detectives for a Two Ronnies (comedy programme) sketch Stop! You're Killing Me (1977), so there are various theories regarding which came first.

    The The Detectives was used for the Australian TV Movie The Newman Shame, starring George Lazenby.

    Alan Tew was also the composer of The Big One (theme from The People's Court), which sounds to me like a reworking of the track The Heist from The Hanged Man.

    The Heist was also used during a chase scene in the movie Highpoint (1982)

    A late 2004 TV campaign for the WRC video game (WRC4?) in New Zealand included an ad featuring what sounded to me like the main theme from The Hanged Man.

    One of Alan Tew's compositions from the show popped up on Charlie Brooker: Videogames Changed the World (2013).

    Cover versions

    Top Tv ThemesA version of the title track was released on the Top TV Themes album by the Malcolm Lockyer Orchesta.