Hugo Montenegro

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montenegro_hugo_come_spy_with_me (64K)

Not only were the 1960s the decade of the film score composer, they were also the decade of the light orchestral arrangement of film score compositions. Arguably, composer Hugo Montenegro's grandest moment was the release in 1968 of his arrangements of Ennio Morricone's iconic hits from Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood's Man with No Name series of films. I say arguably because some regard Hugo Montenegro and his orchestra as a shining lounge light in the hinterland of 1960s frothy British Invasion pop and angst ridden Prog Rock. Take for example such classics as the 1966 album Come Spy with Me. Here we hear the orchestra chill out on Hugo's arrangements in this spiffing collection of classic spy movie themes.

Come Spy with Me Track Listing:

  1. Secret Agent Man [From Secret Agent]
  2. Theme from "I Spy" [From I Spy]
  3. Theme from "The F.B.I. " [From The F.B.I.]
  4. Theme from Thunderball
  5. The Silencers [From the Silencers]
  6. "Get Smart" Theme [From Get Smart]
  7. Come Spy with Me
  8. Goldfinger [From Goldfinger]
  9. Theme from "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold"
  10. Our Man Flint [From Our Man Flint]
  11. The James Bond Theme [From Dr. No]

But wait there's more. 007, we're going into orbit. Hugo Montenegro was at the cutting edge of space age pop. Who could forget such transcendental and psychedelic classics as Montenegro's arrangement of the Roe-Weller hit Dizzy on the 1969 album Moog Power?

Hugo Montenegro has been conducting the electronic orchestra of the great beyond since 1981. If you're in Palm Springs, pop into Welwood Murray Cemetery to pay tribute to the man behind the classic light orchestral arrangement of last century.