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Walter Tevis

An American novelist and short story writer who created some of the most memorable losers in modern literature...

The Sandbaggers

Devised and written by Ian MacKintosh, this TV show foucused on a small, elite department of the British Secret Service, whose job is to take on the 'dirty tricks' and underhanded business that other Government departments won't touch...


This TV series was an english version of Star Trek which substituted the endless ocean for the uncharted realm of space, and featured the captain of HMS Hero who displayed rather more stiff upper lip reserve than the womanising adventurer Captain Kirk...

Profile of John Stride

John Stride began his career in acting with a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, going on to work at the National Theatre, and a variety of film and television roles in shows such as The Main Chance and The Wilde Alliance...

Callan Books Aplenty in 2014

Ostara Publishing have added an edition of Death and Bright Water to their series of Callan Reprints, with details of the soon to be published collection of the short stories and other material now released.

On top of this, it seems Magna Story Sound are set to release unabridged audiobooks of the first two Callan novels read by Daniel Coonan, and their sister publisher Ulverscroft Large Print Books Ltd is to release editions of the same books.


Once upon a time last century children watched television about children, much as they do today. Like Mika, Ante was a Sami boy living in Lapland who loved life on the plateau. Ante featured in a 6 episode television series screened in Norway in the mid 1970s (first shown on NRK television in winter 1975). The series was based on children's book Ante by author Tor Edvin Dahl.

Alan Tew

Well respected by connoisseurs of 70's music and a generation of DJ's and fans looking for funky beats, Alan Tew's easy-listening sound has been catagorised variously as exotica, lounge, loungecore, retro, space age pop and several other catch-phrases....

The Edwood Woodward Hour

A classic of light entertainment from TV's man of action Edward Woodward. With the success of Callan, Woodward became a household name - this popularity giving him the chance to show his lighter side in three light entertainment specials in the early 1970s for Thames Television. At one stage Network announced it was to be released on DVD, then it was removed from their site and they never replied to my queres regarding its status, and now it has appeared under another label...


Our readers have demanded answers to their last century questions. Who are we to deny them answers? These FAQs are genuine questions as logged by our webmonkeys.

What century was Clarice Cliff famous in?

The last one.

Who are the notable musicians?

Ennio Morricone, Ennio Morricone, and Ennio Morricone .

Screaming Mee Mees

The Screaming Meemees were one of the biggest post-punk new-wave pop bands in New Zealand in the early 1980s. The band formed in Auckland in 1979, composed of vocalist Tony Drumm, guitarist Michael O'Neill, keyboard and bass player Peter van der Fluit and drummer "Laurence "Yoh" Landwer-Johan.