Cookie Bear

Cookie Bear was a mascot used by Hudsons (who later became Griffins Foods Limited New Zealand) in their marketing of chocolate chip cookies, with heavy use of his image in branding of the packets and television adds. His catch phrase was Dum-De-Doo.


A major avenue of promotion was the Cookie Bear Club feature in the New Zealand Woman's Weekly, with puzzles, jokes and an correspondence between Cookie Bear and the children. Members of the Cookie Bear club received postcards on their birthday. We have dug deep into our personal archive to bring you these images of a sample of the cards sent out.


Promotional Items

In the So Last Century storage facility we have a range of Cookie Bear promotional items such as an alarm clock, cookie tin, story book, as well as various toy bears.

Cookie Bear's Badge on a Teddy BearCookie Bear Teddy BearTeddy Bear
Teddy BearTeddy BearDisplay Stand
CostumeBranded ChippiesBiscuit Tin
Alarm ClockCookie Bear Book by John BerryCookie Bear Cookie Packets
Cookie Bear Lunch Tin 

In the early 1990s Hudson was given a major redesign which prompted a petition by a student at the University of Canterbury demanding the return of the "real" Cookie Bear. This was successful in the short term but the 21st century edition of Cookie Bear has been remodelled and updated, now sending birthday e-mails instead of postcards.

The video below was made for satrical purposes and should be taken as such, but for those of you without a sense of humour turn the sound down and enjoy the the 1970's footage of Cookie Bear.



Dum De Doo

As a wee nipper I loved Cookie Bear so much that my father arranged for him to come to my birthday party. I can't remember how old I was but I must have been young, as I believed that Cookie Bear had a sore throat and couldn't talk that day. Somedays I suspect that my Dad may have been in that suit.

I have an amazing photo of me waving Cookie Bear goodbye as he was driven home by my grandad in his Holden Kingswood.

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Re: Dum De Doo

Ahhhhhh...how sweet!

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