Ford Anglia 105

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The final Anglia model, the 105E, was introduced in 1959. Its shark-influenced styling included a nose line sweeping down to a slanted grille in between prominent 'eye' headlamps. Its smoothly sloped line is a hint to it's origin in designs for two person submarine. The car sported a backward-slanted rear window (so that it would remain clear in rain) and a flat roofline (which gave it reasonable rear headroom) and it had tailfins.

The new styling was matched by a the new 997 cc overhead-valve straight-4 engine. Acceleration from rest was still sluggish, but it was far better than walking.

References in Popular Media

Vyvyan from the BBC sitcom The Young Ones owned a yellow version of the car with fire trails on the side.

This car was used in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, as Harry Potter's friend Ron Weasley's father's car, one he charmed to give it the capability of flight. Ron later crashes the car into the Whomping Willow attempting, along with Harry, to reach Hogwarts on time after missing the train. This reference has helped to make many a parent socially acceptable to their children as any association with "that cute car" used in the films has a certain cool value.


Enid had an Anglia. It was called ''The Lurking Wolf''. It could do 80 mph, easy.