Walk Socks

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waklsocks.jpg - 154.7 KBBeloved by Kiwi dads and teachers in the second half of last century, walk socks ("fits any size" or 6-10) were the pivotal lynchpin of any walking ensemble. They instantly drew any shorts/shoe combination into a grown up school boy leg-fest, drawing attention away from even the knobbliest of knees. Most commonly paired with roman sandals and occasionally a safari suit.

Daza's socks draw included Five pairs all in original packaging, a treasure-trove of so last century graphic aesthetic, returning to bygone age when brands like Grandway, Canterbury LWR, Holeproof and Mosgiel strode from the fashion catwalks to the fishing pier with pride.

Colours in this collection range from sheepish white to dark oatmeal, but Daza has memories of Uncles resplendent in pale blues and browns. Pairs were factory sealed (mostly) for fashion freshness, and some were even brown.

In the dark and uncertain times of late 2020 you and your favourite companions can walk the streets tall in these historical treasures available for a short time on Trademe New Zealand.

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