Gold Lame Jumpsuits

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The first recorded use of a Gold Lame Jumpsuits was when Elvis tried one out on stage. He soon decided to shift to the more well known white version, but an unknown costumer designer filed the image in the back of their mind.

When they were later asked to come up with the clothes people would wear in the future the combination of Lame (a type of fabric woven or knit with metallic yarns) and jumpsuit (one-piece garment originally used for parachuting and skydiving) just seemed to work. Put a group of young men or women in them and you know straight away they come from the future; a place where clothes are designed by benevolent computers, individuality has been lost, and people are scared to leave the confines of their hermetically sealed shopping mall/city.

For a textbook example, check out the funky styling in an image from the classic 70s TV show Fantastic Journey

In the future we will all wear gold lame jumpsuits.