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Feeling 21st century blue? How about planting yourself a 20th century rose garden? While David Austin slaved away to make modern roses look old fashioned, other 20th century rose breeders looked to their own century for inspiration.

Rose of the Year represents the best of this and last century rose breeding. Started in 1982, rose breeders are invited to submit the best of their hybrids; generally 20-25 roses are submitted, but only one becomes Rose of the Year. Here's a list of the 20th century winners. Notice in 1987 the Royal William commemorates the birth of Diana Princess of Wales's first born son, William (although he was born in 1982).

List of 20th Century Winners

Year Rose of the Year Colour Description Image
1982 Mountbatten Yellow A floribunda rose growing to 1.2m and spread of 0.75m
1983 Beautiful Britain Tomato red A healthy and vigorous floribunda
1984 Amber Queen Orange A moderately vigorous floribunda to 0.6m and spread of 0.75m
1985 Polar Star Creamy white Hybrid tea rose with a light licorice scent
1986 Gentle Touch Light pink Miniature free-flowering pale blooms of hybrid tea type
1987 Royal William Deep crimson Hybrid tea rose with handsome, high-centred blooms on long stems that make excellent cut-flowers
1988 Sweet Dream Pink peach Patio rose with prolific blooms and luscious dark green foliage
1989 Glad Tidings Deep crimson Free flowering compact floribunda; bushy plant, masses of large semi-double flowers
1990 Harvest Fayre Apricot Orange A floribunda with large clusters of semi-double blooms
1991 Melody Maker Orange-red Neat and compact growing floribunda with strong disease resistance
1992 Top Marks Orange-vermillion A free-flowering and bushy patio rose
1993 Dawn Chorus Orange A medium sized hybrid tea with glossy, red-tinged leaves
1994 Festival Scarlet red Large showy blooms on this patio rose
1995 Chatsworth Rich pink Ground cover rose with semi-double flowers with prominent golden stamens
1996 Magic Carpet Lavender pink Ground cover rose producing masses of semi-double cup shaped flowers with a strong fragrance
1997 Sunset Boulevard Peach apricot Floribunda rose superb choice for a sunny spot
1998 Penny Lane Honey champagne Ground cover rose with a faint pink tinge
1999 Fascination Shrimp pink Floribunda rose with large clusters of fragrant blooms

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