Callan - Series One

The first series of Callan was screened in 1967 on ITV, and was an ABC Television Network Production produced by Terrence Feely


  1. The Good Ones Are All Dead (8 July, 1967): Callan is coerced into helping the Section hand over to the Israelis an ex-SS officer, Strauss. Episode summary...
    Directed by Toby Robinson
  2. Goodbye, Nobby Clarke (15 July, 1967) (Lost): Clarke, an old freind of Callan's who has been training mercenaries in Africa has a choice - dont' go back, or be killed.
    Directed by Peter Duguid
  3. The Death of Robert E Lee (22 July, 1967)(Lost): Two CIA agents request the help of Hunter's Section in killing a Chinese agent, who has been trading in nuclear secrets. But his real mission in England is to kill Hunter.
    Directed by Peter Duguid
  4. Goodness Burns Too Bright (29 July, 1967)(Lost): Callan is lured into going to Berlin, where Hunter wants to use him as a sacrificial lamb to facilitate the planting of a British mole.
    Directed by Peter Duguid
  5. But He's a Lord, Mr Callan (5 August, 1967)(Lost): Hunter wants Callan to stop a blackmailing Lord from selling the negatives used in the blackmail to all and sundry.
    Directed by Piers Haggard
  6. You Should Have Got Here Sooner (12 August, 1967):When somebody beats Lonely up, and Callan finds out who it was he turns the table on Hunter. Episode summary...


Most sources indicate that only two of the episodes still now exist. Both of these are included on Callan - The Monochrome Years, released by Network UK.