Scottish Kultchur

Scottish Kulture Album CoverReleased in 1979, this album was a compilation of acts recorded at the Barclay Towers Studios, Edinburgh, and distributed by Pinnacle. It features some exclusive early tracks from The Rezillos as well as an early incarnation of the Waterboys: Another Pretty Face. There is a variety of quite cool DIY punk synth music here:

Track Listing

  1. Can't Stand My Baby Rezillos 02:34
  2. All the Boys Love Carrie Another Pretty Face 02:26
  3. Ooh Bob Sahbam Boots For Dancing 02:14
  4. Shoot You Down A. P. B. 02:32
  5. Radio Active Cheetahs 03:04
  6. Getting Me Down Rezillos 02:19
  7. Brighton Your Shoes to Dance Raj Academy 01:49
  8. U+500 Synthetic Dreams 03:02
  9. Hot Spot Electric Personalities 03:46
  10. Shadows in Stone Boots For Dancing 02:35
  11. Good Sculptures Rezillos 03:42
  12. Parades Squibs 02:50
  13. Gang of One Brills 02:28
  14. Neon Dreams and Science Fiction Itai Itai 02:58
  15. Voices Synthetic Dreams 02:50
  16. Break Your Chains Neon Barbs 03:11
  17. Kultchur Itai Itai 03:16

This album is a firm favourite of Daza's from the time he was a daytime DJ at RDU, the student radio station at the University of Canterbury. After many years of looking he found a second hand copy and was cheered to find it was as good as he remembered. The album doesn't appear to ever have been re-released, which is a shame. We have only found a couple of mentions of it on the web:





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