A Way Back

Peter Davies: 1959, William Morrow 1960 New York

By James Mitchell.

Televised as A Flight from Treason (10 July 1960, Armchair Mystery Theatre: Season 1, Episode 6) it concerns a man with a Communist past who tries to bury himself in a Tyneside foundry, but is discovered and blackmailed by his former comrades into helping them to steal the blueprints of a new bomb he is making.

Episode Cast

Donald Pleasence - Himself/Host
John Gregson - Butler
Robert Brown - George Hibberd
Ian Hendry - Harry Walker
Roger Delgado - Curt
Robert Bruce - Security policeman
Reginald Jessup - Workman
Richard Klee - Foreman
Avril Elgar - Mary Hibberd
Donald Churchill - Robinson
Tom Macaulay - Ferguson
Peter Mayock - Police Constable
John Dawson - Detective Bell
Maxwell Shaw - The thin man
Catherine Dolan - Hotel receptionist

Directed by Dennis Vance

Writer: James Mitchell

Leonard White -. Producer

Production Design by Jim Goddard (as James Goddard)